Ground Exper PRO
The GROUND EXPER PRO is the first pulse induction metal detector driven by a tablet that allows perfect identification of metal. You can reach depth up to 5 meters ans see the shape, metal and depth of the target before you even start digging. Don't waste anymore time digging for Junk !
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3D Stealth Scanner
Our Stealth Scanner allows you to find metal and cavities buried up to 12 meters below your feet. When you scan the underground thanks to our tablet, you remain completely invisible since our 8 sensors are hidden in the jacket. Color codes indicate nature of the target and shows you its depth.
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We offer a wide range of underground scanning equipments ranging from gradiometers/multisensor magnetometers (X1, X2, X3, X4) to soil resistivity measurement systems (ARS). Our best unit, the X5, is the first device in the world to include 4 technologies in one.
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